Pamula - Elegant Blogger Theme
Pamula - Elegant Blogger Theme

Pamula is a personal theme that I designed with several references. This theme is made clean and elegant to make it fresher and maximize the features of the blogger function in order to minimize the use of blogger javascript or JSON.

This theme has super fast speed like the themes that I shared before, but the theme I created now continues to use javascript functions and there is no jQuery in it..

Template Features Free Premium
Seo Friendly
Mobile Friendly
Ads Ready
Fast Load
Blogger Comments
Share Button
Navigation Menu
Multiple Dropdown Menu
First Thumbnail
Featured Post
Popular Post
Infinite Load More
Back to Top
Fixed Header
Button Download
Lazy load scroll
Lazy load scroll
Anti adblock
Related Post
Read Time
Custom Color Easy
Pagination Post Next Prev
Custom Error 404
Support Admin
No Credit Link
No Encrypt Code
Lifetime Template Updates
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- v1.0.0 – 07 April 2021 Initial Release